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School History


The Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CICM), also known as Scheut Fathers, established Guangren Elementary School in 1959. ("Guangren" was formerly spelled "Kuang Jen") Through the efforts of successive principals, the administration and faculty, the student population stably increased, and gained quite a remarkable reputation for its educational objectives. Based on the idea of caring and loving children, professional well-trained teachers teach from the regular standard classes to the Special Education classes.


The music experiment classes were established in 1963, and the Special Education classes in 1971 for the purpose of bringing out our educational goal into practice, that all pupils have the right to be educated with love and care and without discrimination. This breakthrough made Guangren a pioneer in establishing music experiment and Special Education classes in Taiwan.


All staff members acknowledge the goal and the spirit of the school, and are willing to devote themselves into whatever circumstances are encountered in the future in the hope of realizing plans and ideas in the name of passion, enthusiasm, and collaboration.


Guangren (Kuang Jen) Elementary School was established by Monsignor ALFONS VAN BUGGENHOUT, a former Provincial Superior of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CICM), and led by the Chairman Father Wang Yung-Ching. The present chairman of the Guangren Board of Directors is Most Rev. Joseph Cheng, the Archbishop of Taipei.


Guangren In the Past




1959 Autumn Guangren (Kuang Jen) elementary school was established along with the Kindergarten. Mrs. Sung Man-hsi was the first principal of the elementary school and the kindergarten.
1963 Music experiment classes were established.
1971 Special Education classes were established.
1981 July The retirement of Mrs. Sung Man-hsi made Sister Shr Li-lan the second principal.
1984 August Sister Shr Li-lan later became the General Superior of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the curriculum director Lo Hui-man became the third principal.
1997 February The retirement of Mrs. Lo Hui-man made Mrs. Chen Liu-mei the fourth principal.
2008 August The retirement of Mrs. Chen Liu-mei made Mrs. Long Yu-Cin the fifth principal.
2015 August The retirement of Mrs. Long Yu-Cin made Mrs. Ho I-Chun the sixth principal.